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Hi, I'm Mayghan Dolmy. I'm an HR Consultant. I advise expat women in how to break into the job market in France.

about me.

Bonjour ! 

I believe that difference is a strength. This is why I’m proud of having an atypical professional career. I graduated in foreign languages with a scientific translation field of specialization. Afterwards, I’ve worked for 7 years in Retail Industry in Paris and London, as a Sales Assistant and Store Manager.


Where there is a will there is a way so I’ve decided to work as an Human Resources Specialist. It was definitely a risky bet but was totally worth it. I have now more than 7 years’ experience in various areas such as recruitment, training, HR administration or even project management working for different businesses ! 

Today, I wish my expertise to be useful to you to achieve your own professional goals. 


Moving in a new country, adapting to a new culture, finding a new job, learning another language…many obstacles that may get in the way of feeling integrated and finding a job in France.


My job is to accompany you step by step and listen to your needs. To that end, I propose a customized HR advisory service in favor of an active and participative teaching.  Real-life situations will help ensure that you are well prepared. 


There is no secret! Having a good relationship or just a « feeling », as I like to call it, plays a big part in that. All along this journey, we will get the chance to know each other better, to exchange lots of ideas, to raise questions and to have a good time, of course! 


My Services.

  •  French labour market and recruitment-related legal aspects presentation 

  • Advice on how to write a résumé and a cover letter in French 

  • Real-life situations 

  • Directing expatriates’ spouses and partners towards various professional networks and organization, such as recruitment agencies depending on their business areas and professional skills.

And other services!


Individual guidance and counselling.

A chance to go through the following:

  • 1 hour to 1.30 hour session, once or twice a week 

  • pay-per-view service or full consulting program (10 to 12 hours) in French and/or English 

  • Book an appointment according to your schedule

  • A phone follow-up will also be provided one month after finishing the program

  • At home, in a café/restaurant or a co-working space



“I contacted Mayghan for help with my CV during my search for a new job last year. I have what is considered an ‘atypical’ career history and having changed sectors about 15 years ago, I was having trouble with highlighting my skills and presenting it all in a one page format.


Mayghan helped me by talking through what to highlight and ways in which to make my CV stand out from the crowd. Her insider HR knowledge was invaluable and our follow-up face-to-face session not only helped to clarify things for me but also gave me a great confidence boost. I am pleased to say that I have found a wonderful job and I really thank Mayghan for her contribution to the process.” 

—  Janette S. - Business & Marketing Manager

 March 4th 2019


My rates.

« Pack Profile »

  • Face-to-face appointment to determine the objectives and expectations 

  • Face-to-to face or phone follow-up  - up to maximum 5 working sessions

  • Analysis  of your résumé

  • French translation of your résumé

  • Recasting and designing your résumé in French and English (word and pdf file) - up to 3 changes

  • Access to some various tools including fact sheets 

  • Auditing and profiles recasting on professionnel social networks such as LinkedIn and Viadéo

  • Cover letter option (+€30): proofreading, recasting and French translation

  • Delivery time is 3 to 5 business days

« Pack entretien »

  • Profile package with the cover letter option 

  • Up to 8 working sessions (skype or face-to-face) to track the progress of your project

  • Preparing for job interviews effectively

  • Preparing responses that really make a difference

  • Access to some various tools including fact sheets and a guide with the more frequent questions and best responses to give to French recruiter 

  • Phone interview simulation 

  • Job interview simulation via skype or face-to-face (recommended) 

  • Dress code tips to make a big impression 

  • Training for your first job interview and full feedback 

  • Video filming option (+€30)

« Offre solo »**

  • Analysis  of your résumé/ cover letter : free

  • Proofreading of your résumé/ cover letter: 25 

  • Recasting and designing your résumé/ cover letter:90 

  • French translation of your résumé/cover letter: 90 

  • Auditing and profiles recasting on professionnel social networks : 100

  • One extra consulting hour (skype or face-to-face): 50  / hour

*down-payment of 30%  from the date of signing of the contract, then puis 50% on half-way of the program. The total balance is due at the end of the program.


**Single payment

Does this program match your expectations? Great! To continue, simply complete this questionnaire in less than 5 minutes.

I will call you back within 48 hours to set up our first appointment.

See you soon !



"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

Michelle Obama